Onno de Onwetende (Onno the Oblivious) is a graduation film from the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam in cooperation with the public broadcaster NTR.

Onno is stuck. He’s lost. Many questions. Few answers. And on top of that there’s this strange feeling. This feeling that he knows, but doesn’t understand. This feeling that has come to him much earlier, so it didn’t start here. But where? Where did it start?
Let me tell you the story of Onno the Oblivious, who has fallen victim to the strange feeling.

Production design Sebastían Arroyo Hoebens | Art Direction Nicole Kroes | Kleding Myrte Beltman | Cinematography Emo Weemhoff | Sound design Tijn Hazen | Editor Lot Rossmark | Composer Eren Önsoy | Producers Erik Glijnis & Hanne Sinninghe | Screenwriter Jeroen Scholten van Aschat & Viktor van der Valk | Director Viktor van der Valk